Dexter Road Bios

Jesse Ryan Davidson

Lead Vocals

A native of Horicon, Jesse is the front man for Dexter Road. Jesse started singing at a young age when he would sing while his dad (and current band mate, Donnie Davidson) would play guitar. A few years ago Jesse had the opportunity to sing in Nashville in front of a few country artists and record label producers. Influences include Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Montgomery Gentry, BoDeans, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Creed, and BlackHawk.

Chad Haase


Once killed a gopher with a stick. Can bite through a beer can with his teeth, yet has an unreasonable fear of puppies. Before joining Dexter Road in 2013, Chad went on a eat, pray, love tour of France. There he learned that the tempo of life is directly related to how much spice he used on his meat. Chad once thwarted a robery of a blues hall by impaling his drumstick in the would be robber's leg from 35 feet away.

Donnie Davidson

Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic

After jamming with an old friend, "Skins", Donnie decided to get out of his basement and formed Dexter Road in 2012. Donnie's influences include Hank Williams Jr & Sr, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Lynryd Skynrd, CCR & Dwight Yoakam. Donnie loves spending time with his wife, Sheila. He also enjoys brewing his "Dexter Road" beer with Travis. They are doing all grain brewing.

Larry Wolfgram

Bass Guitar/Vocals

Larry Wolfgram-Bass Guitar/Vocals: Larry’s serious interest in music started at about the age of 10 when he picked up his brother's brand-new JC Penny guitar, tuned it down an octave, and jammed bass parts along to the radio. (of course, making sure to tune it back up before his brother got home!) Larry started playing in garage bands at 15, covering the typical heavy metal of the day; Zeppelin, James Gang, Ted Nugent, Kiss…you get the idea. But for Larry, putting on a good show (as he likes to call it: “optics”) has always been a big deal. Soooo… when his first band, “Thunderhead” decided to do the Kiss tune Firehouse…well, let’s just say that his mom wasn't exactly thrilled when she saw him breathing fire in the basement during rehearsals! Over the last 4 decades, he’s been in Rock bands, Wedding/Party bands, Christian Praise bands, & Country-Rock Bands. He feels truly blessed to have played with great musicians & bands over the years, starting with Thunderhead, and more recently in The Casaundra Starr Band, Genuine Drive, and Rocky Mountain Oyster Band. And now, with tremendous excitement, he’s joined Dexter Road!

Steve Pinzak

Lead Guitar/Vocals

Steve is the newest (but not youngest !!) member of the band. His musical career spans four decades performing and touring with a number of mid-west area rock and country bands. He recently moved to Juneau WI. and now calls it home.

Lance Vande Zande

Rhythm Guitar

Born & raised in Dodge County. Lance grew up on a steady diet of the Bee Gees, James Taylor and Elton John. In his early teens, Lance learned how to play the guitar by a very good friend who was taking lessons at the time. As the years passed, he always had thoughts & dreams about holding a Les Paul and standing in front of a Marshall Stack. Dexter Road is making that dream possible “Somebody give me a hell yeah!”